Sheer Frameless Shower Screens Central Coast

Experience Elegance with Our Frameless Shower Screens – Designed for the Central Coast Homes.

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Sheer Semi-Frameless Shower Screens Central Coast

Introducing the “SHEER Frameless Shower Screen” – A Superior Alternative

Forget everything you know about semi-frameless shower screens and embrace the unmatched elegance and functionality of our “SHEER Frameless Shower Screen”. By eliminating all vertical aluminium framing, this design provides a seamless glass finish that enhances the visual spaciousness of your bathroom.

Shower screen

Innovative Design

The SHEER Frameless Shower Screen is not just about aesthetic appeal; it is engineered for superior functionality. The patented offset design features a frameless door that overlaps with vertically frameless panels on both sides, ensuring a tight seal. This innovative overlap dramatically reduces the chances of water leakage, keeping your bathroom floors dry and safe.

Sheer Frameless Shower Screens

Advanced Materials for Durability and Style

Our commitment to quality is evident in every component of the SHEER Frameless Shower Screen:

Floor Track

The discreet floor track is secured with silicone hidden underneath, preventing the unsightly mould growth common with semi-frameless designs.

Anti-Splash Adaptor

Unlike the typical plastic splash guards that discolour and degrade over time, our screens feature a polished aluminium anti-splash adaptor with high-grade Schlegel mohair, ensuring durability and effective water containment.


Pivot Blocks

While standard screens use chrome-coated plastic for a faux appearance of strength, our SHEER Frameless Showerscreens boast solid aluminium casting pivot blocks, providing unmatched strength and a 5-year warranty guarantee.

Safe & Strong Glass Solutions

Safety is paramount in our designs. The SHEER Frameless Shower Screen utilises 6mm clear toughened safety glass, which is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass. Fully compliant with Australian Glass Standards AS1288 and AS2208-1996, our screens ensure both safety and durability in their installation and use.

Customisable Design

Customisation is at the heart of our offerings. The SHEER Frameless Shower Screen can be tailored to fit any bathroom layout, allowing for limitless design configurations. Each screen is individually designed and custom-produced to seamlessly integrate with your specific bathroom environment.

Sheer Frameless Shower Screen Brochure

Interested in Learning More?

Explore the possibilities with our SHEER Frameless Shower Screen. Click here to view our detailed brochure, or contact us today for an obligation-free consultation or quote. Experience the Clearview Glass difference in your bathroom renovation project.

SHEER Frameless Showerscreen
Sheer Frameless Shower Screens

Why Choose Clearview Glass for Your SHEER Frameless Shower Screen?

Unmatched Quality and Innovation

At Clearview Glass, we pride ourselves on leading the industry in design and innovation. Our SHEER Frameless Shower Screens represent the pinnacle of style and functionality.

Superior Materials

Every component, from the anti-splash adaptors to the pivot blocks, is crafted from the highest quality materials for durability and performance.
Advanced Design
Our patented designs ensure maximum usability and minimal maintenance. The unique offset door design enhances watertight sealing and reduces water leakage risks.
Each shower screen is tailor-made to meet the specific dimensions and aesthetic preferences of your bathroom, ensuring a perfect fit and a personalised look.
Expert Installation
Our skilled technicians handle installation with meticulous attention to detail, backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

Compliance and Safety Guaranteed

Safety doesn't come second. Our products comply with all relevant Australian standards, ensuring they not only look exceptional but are also safe and durable. Each installation is a testament to our commitment to providing secure and reliable bathroom solutions.


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